Digital Audio Workstations

Company DAW Notes
Avid Pro Tools 2020 Our preference for recording + mixing
Ableton Live 10 Suite
Bitwig Bitwig Studio 3
Image-Line FL Studio 20


Manufacturer Item Notes
RME UFX Precision audio interface, 30 channels in/out
Audient ASP 800 8-channel preamp with two “retro” channels and six clean channels
GKL Audio BB Pre 8-channel preamp based on Graeme Cohen’s 1984 double-balanced design
Applied Research & Technology Digital MPA II 2-channel tube preamp w/ Electro-Harmonix 12AX7
PreSonus DigiMax FS 8-channel 96 kHz / 24-bit DA conversion (headphones)
PreSonus HP60 6-way headphone amplifier with individual sends


Manufacturer Item No. Type Common uses
Townsend Labs Sphere L22 1 Precision Microphone Modeling System Vocals, acoustic guitar, everything else!
AKG D 112 1 Cardioid dynamic Kick drum, floor toms, bass cab
AKG D 190E 1 Cardioid dynamic Guitar amp
Audix D6 1 Hypercardioid dynamic Kick drum
Audix D2 3 Hypercardioid dynamic Toms
Audix i5 1 Cardioid dynamic Snare, guitar amp
Audio-Technica AT 4041 2 Small-diapraghm condensers Acoustic instruments, overheads
CAD M179 2 Variable-pattern condensers Toms
Electro-Voice 635a 2 Omnidirectional dynamic Drum kit
Kel HM-1 2 Supercardioid condenser Room, overheads, guitar cab
Kel HM-7u 1 Hypercardioid FET condenser Vocals, kick drum
Rode NT-3 2 Small-diapraghm condensers Various
Naiant X-M 2 Omnidirectional condensers Room, acoustic recordings
sE Electronics sE4 2 Small-diapraghm condensers Overheads, acoustic instruments
sE Electronics sE2200a 2 Large-diapraghm condensers Various
Shure SM57 2 Cardioid dynamic Snare, guitar amp
Shure SM91 1 Boundary condenser Kick drum


Manufacturer Item Notes
Sonodyne SM200AK Mid-field reference monitors
Auratone 5C Vintage, classic small speaker reference

Instruments + Amplifiers

Type Manufacturer Item
Guitar Amp Fender ‘68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb
Guitar Amp Ibanez Tube Screamer Amplifier TSA30H
Guitar Amp HH Electronics V-S Musician
Guitar Amp Heathkit TA-16*
Bass Amp Ampeg Micro VR
Bass Cab Ampeg SVT-210 AV
Guitar Fender American Telecaster
Guitar Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar
Guitar Gretsch Electromatic G5120
Guitar Epiphone EL00/VS
Guitar Silvertone 26133 Mosrite copy
Bass Ibanez SR-500
Drums Premier 22/10/12/14” Vitria Series (6-ply maple / eucalyptus / maple)
Drums Keller 18/12/14” custom short-stack kit (6-ply maple)
Drums Black Swamp 14” Multisonic Concert Snare*
Drums Roland SPD-S
Cymbals Bosphorus 22” Masters Ride*
Cymbals Bosphorus 22” Turk Thin Ride*
Cymbals Istanbul Agop 22” Signature Ride*
Cymbals Istanbul Agop 18” Traditional Dark Crash*
Cymbals Istanbul Agop 14” Turk Hi-hats*
Cymbals Paiste 16” Innovations Crash
Cymbals Sabian 10” Paragon Splash
Cymbals Sabian 15” HHX-Celerator Hi-hats
Cymbals Sabian 18” APX Chinese
Cymbals Sabian 20” HH Leopard Ride
Cymbals Zildjian 21” K Custom Special Dry Ride (Original series, 2005)
Cymbals Zildjian 14” Vintage (1940s-50s) Hi-hats*
Cymbals Zildjian 14” Vintage (1970s) New Beat Hi-hats
Synthesizer Novation Peak*
Synthesizer Korg MS-20 mini + SQ-1*
Synthesizer Novation BassStation II*
Synthesizer Behringer Neutron*
Synthesizer Behringer TD-3*
Synthesizer Yamaha PSR-36
Synthesizer Korg Electribe EMX*
Sampler Elektron Digitakt*
Virtual Instrument Arturia V Collection 7 (complete)
Virtual Instrument Spitfire Audio BBC Orchestra Core
Virtual Instrument U-He Repro, Diva, Hive 2
Virtual Instrument UVI Falcon
Virtual Instrument Xfer Records Serum
Virtual Instrument XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2, Addictive Trigger
*note: items marked with an asterisk are available on request only

Outboard Effects

Manufacturer Item Description
Valley Int’l DynaMite Classic VCA compressor / gate / expander
Bellari RP 282 VCA compressor + tubes
Bellari RP 282a VCA compressor + tubes
Applied Research & Technology Pro VLA II Opto compressor + tubes
Alesis QuadraVerb + Classic reverb / multi-effect
BOSS DM-300 Analogue delay / chorus
BOSS HF-2 Hi-Band Flanger (Japan)
DOD Carcosa Fuzz
DOD FX 84 Milk Box Guitar compressor
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Vintage phaser
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Vintage chorus
Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Pitch alteration
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Analogue delay w/ random modulation + compression
Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Transparent overdrive
Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise Fuzz

Plugin Effects

Manufacturer Product
FabFilter All effects (Pro-Q3, Pro-C2, Pro-L2, Pro-MB, Pro-DS, Pro-R, Timeless 2, Volcano 2, Saturn 2)
Soundtoys Soundtoys 5 (complete)
Celemony Melodyne 4 assistant
Rare Signals Transatlantic Plate
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb
Kush Audio Novatron, Goldplate
Slate Digital FG-Stress (Distressor), Virtual Tape Machines, Virtual Console Collection
U-He Colour Copy, Twangström
the list goes on…